Driving safely around Springfield is everyone's priority, but this could be enhanced with the right safety features. Chevrolet wanted to ensure everyone felt safe in their new subcompact city car, the Spark. The following are two safety features worth pointing out.

Collision Alert System

The collision alert system in the Spark cannot only alert you if there is a vehicle in front of you that is too close, but it even helps stop the vehicle. Having this kind of system should help reduce the chances of you being in an accident.

Lane Departure Alert

You also get a lane departure alert system in this vehicle. The vehicle will help detect if you've got a vehicle in your blind spot before you change lanes. This will help keep you and the people inside your vehicle much safer.

These are just some of the safety features you can expect from the Spark, but there are many more. Come down for a test drive so that you can see what other safety features are in the Spark.



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