As the seasons change, it is only right that you check over your vehicle. From tires and brakes to windshield wipers, keeping the maintenance up-to-date is essential in keeping your car safe as colder weather moves in.

The winter can be harsh here in Illinois. Cold temperatures and freezing rain or snow can make your current wipers useless if you've been using them throughout the hot summer months. The squeegee part of the blades could be ripped or torn and that can cause streaking in the colder season. Regardless of their condition, windshield wipers need to be changed after six months. Consider that the standard frame with claws gripping the blade can allow snow and ice to build in its spaces. The impacted blades can be prevented from working properly.

There are some alternatives to the standard windshield wiper frames that our team at Susan's Auto Mall can help you sort through.


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