An exhaust leak is not a vehicle problem to be taken lightly. Over time, a leaking exhaust system can cause serious damage to your vehicle and even pose a significant safety risk to you and your passengers. Here at Susan's Auto Mall, we want you to know the warning signs of an exhaust leak. Here are some things you might notice if your vehicle's exhaust is leaking:

  • Your steering wheel, foot pedals, and seats are shaking.
  • You hear a hissing, popping, or whistling coming from the vehicle's tailpipe.
  • Your vehicle seems to be losing power.
  • You notice that you have to stop and fill up your gas tank more often than usual.

If you suspect your vehicle might have an exhaust leak or any other problem, we invite you to visit our service department. Our knowledgeable staff would be happy to take a look and make any necessary repairs for you.



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