Discover Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirror Technology

At Susan's Auto Mall, we don’t just want to sell you cars, we want to educate you. We want you to be as fascinated as we are with the science, and the art, behind the auto-dimming mirror that preserves your night vision.

The Troxler Effect

If you’ve ever been temporary blinded after dark by the headlights of the car behind you, even after it turns off the road, you will have experienced the Troxler Effect.

How Auto-Dimming Mirrors Work

The Troxler Effect can postpone your reaction time by 1.4 seconds. If you’re driving at 60 mph when that annoying car turns off, you are blinded for 123 feet. Sensors in the rear view mirror detect glare and trigger a chemical reaction in a layer of special electrochromic gel that is placed between the two layers of glass that comprise the mirror. The gel darkens, and you suffer reduced glare.

Why don’t you pop down to Susan's Auto Mall and we’ll show you this fascinating piece of tech. While you’re here, you can take a test drive.



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