The next time someone asks you for a jump start, make sure you can do it safely. At Susan's Auto Mall, we have the following tips that can make you a good Springfield, IL neighbor.

Remember to safely park close enough for your jumper cables to reach. Turn off your car and ensure that both vehicles have their parking brakes engaged. Follow this connection sequence. Clamp your positive cable to the positive terminal on the dead battery. Your positive cable is likely red. Next, connect your positive cable to your battery's positive terminal, and connect your battery's negative terminal to its cable counterpart. Under the drained car's hood, carefully clamp the last connector to a metal, unpainted, part that does not move.

Turn on your car's ignition. Let it run for a minute. Try to start the other car. Several attempts may be necessary. If the other car cannot start, its battery must be replaced, or another problem is present.

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