When you are shopping for your next vehicle at Susan’s Auto Mall located in Springfield, IL, you are sure to find vehicles that are front-wheel drive and some that are rear-wheel drive. Both front and rear-wheel drive vehicles come with pros and cons. You want to get the one that is right for you and your family.

There are a lot of front-wheel-drive vehicles out on the road. These types of cars come with one big advantage. Since there is a lot of weight over the driving wheels, front-wheel-drive cars get good traction in wet and snowy conditions. They do have the drawback of being more expensive to repair.

Most rear-wheel drive vehicles are trucks, sports cars, and large luxury vehicles. These vehicles don't have really good traction in bad weather because there isn't much weight over the driving wheels. They push instead of pull the car. You will get great handling with rear-wheel drive.

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