Follow Our Tips for Replacing a Flat Tire

Whether you only drive around town or you regularly venture far from our area, you should know how to change a flat tire. This knowledge can save you time. We at Susan's Auto Mall wish to offer a few tips for replacing a flat today.

A safe tire change begins on firm, level pavement with the car's engine off and its parking brake engaged. Before you jack up your car, partially loosen the flat tire's lug nuts. The ground's leverage will assist you. After you swap tires, start your spare's lug nuts with the car raised. Finish them with another ground assist. Next, carefully gather your jack, lug wrench and flat tire before securing them within your car.

Spare tires are not built for long drives. Check your spare's maximum speed before you return to the road. Limit the time you drive on your spare, and address your flat tire's problems soon.



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