Understanding the Differences in Types of Truck Bed Liners

The team at Susan's Auto Mall wanted to help you become more acquainted with all different types of bed liners for your truck. You have more than likely seen the drop-in bed liners because they are the most popular. These liners are skillfully crafted of durable plastic that is molded to be an exact fit for any model and make truck. If you abuse the liner, it can be replaced easily.

The next popular bed liner is the spray-in liners. The spray creates a durable protective shield on the bed, but it is a permanent part of the truck once it is applied. This liner can not be removed if you change your mind. Truck bed mats and bed liners offer less protection but can be quickly removed for cleaning and then replaced just as easily.

While on the subject of protecting your truck, call our auto service professionals today to schedule a full-system maintenance check-up.

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