Getting the Condensation Out of Your Headlights

Condensation occurs in a headlight due to the compromise of seals or gaskets that protect the interior of the headlight from moisture. To ensure the condensation does not occur again, take your vehicle to our auto parts stores to have the seals professionally installed. Otherwise, you can do it yourself with no guarantee of results.

To remove condensation that already exists in your headlights, get yourself a silica gel pack and a lint-free cloth. Look into your owner’s manual for instruction to get into your headlight assembly. Open the headlight, dry the inside of your headlight with the lint-free cloth. Insert the silica gel pack at the bottom of the headlight. Make sure the silica gel pack is sitting at the bottom of the headlight where condensation will first collect. Keep the silica gel pack clear of the bulb while you reassemble the headlight.

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