What are Some Common Motor Oil Myths?

Buying or leasing a new Honda or Chevrolet vehicle can often feel like an overwhelming experience. Not only do you need to consider monthly payments and choosing the right car for your needs, but you'll also need to think about all of the routine maintenance that needs to be done over the course of driving your vehicle. Oil changes are just one of these tasks, and there are a lot of different factors that go into that oil change.

Here at Susan's Auto Mall, we're no strangers to addressing motor oil myths from our customers. There are a lot of myths out there about motor oil, but if you want the facts, give us a call or schedule your next oil change with our team of auto parts and service technicians.

Don't feel like you need to stay completely on schedule with your oil changes. Always weigh the amount and type of driving that occurs in between oil changes instead of relying solely on a calendar date. While it is recommended that you get an oil change every six to twelve months, if you drive your vehicle very minimally, you may need oil changes less often.

Also, there is a myth that says you should get an oil change within 3,000 miles after buying a new vehicle. This is only needed if your technicians feel there is a problem with your oil. Most modern cars, SUVs and trucks can get well over 3,000 miles out of each oil change. You'll do well to check your owner's manual to discover the manufacturer-recommended oil change intervals.

Is it time for your oil change appointment? Stop by our service facility and let our team handle your auto care!

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