Using a Voltmeter to Test Your Battery

The only things you are going to be needing to test the car battery are the voltmeter, heavy-duty gloves, and safety eye-wear. Always wear your work gloves and safety eye-wear when working on or around the car battery. Make certain the car lights and the engine are not on while testing the car battery with a voltmeter.

The voltmeter has one red and black cable. The red cable is going to be attached to plus on the car battery, black cable to minus. Turn on the voltmeter. You are looking for a reading at or above 12.4 when the battery is still in good working condition. When the voltmeter comes back with a reading in the 12.2 or worse range, it is time to be concerned the battery can't hold a charge anymore.

If you're not comfortable testing the battery yourself, let on of our car battery mechanics test it for you.

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