Make Sure Your Tires Can Handle the Weather

Tire Tread

Having adequate tire tread throughout the year is important. Good tread works to remove water and debris from beneath the tire so that you can maintain grip and control.

Easy Tread Depth Gauge

It is unlikely that we are all tire experts and have the specialized tools to measure the depth of tire tread. Fortunately, you probably have a penny laying around the house, and if you do you can check to see if you need new tires. It's simple, you first flip the penny so that President Lincoln's head is upside down.

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Keep your car in top shape with certified dealership technicians

Modern vehicles are capable of lasting longer and getting better fuel mileage than any cars that have come before them. Since the 1950s, the fuel economy alone of many brands of cars sold in America has increased by a factor of more than three times. Today, car ownership is far less expensive, and cars retain far more value than they ever have in the past.

But these things are all reliant upon adhering to a strict maintenance schedule and having certified technicians work on the cars who are competent to navigate the extremely complex systems that today's vehicles contain…
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